Miami Discrimination in Housing Lawyer

Housing Discrimination Laws in Florida

Miami residents who wish to rent homes or apartments cannot legally be turned away due to their skin color, national origin, disability, or religion. Furthermore, women cannot be denied housing on the basis of pregnancy or familial status. Discrimination on these terms is also prohibited when Floridians apply for mortgages.

Age restrictions are only allowed for senior communities, which landlords are allowed to limit to ages 55 and up. Otherwise, applicants cannot be rejected merely because they have children under the age of 18. Additional regulations are imposed on Florida landlords to ensure that they make reasonable accommodations for disabled residents. Real estate agents can be held liable if they encourage homeowners to rent in a discriminatory manner.

Filing Housing Discrimination Complaints

If you believe that a mortgage company, real estate agent, or landlord has engaged in discriminatory behavior, your options for recourse include filing a complaint with the Florida Commission of Human Relations. It is imperative that you contact the Commission within one year of suffering discrimination. Cases opened with Florida’s Commission of Human Relations are typically dually filed with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Suing Discriminatory Landlords

Filing a complaint may be the first step, but your best bet for holding problematic landlords and other housing authorities accountable involves launching a lawsuit. With an anti-discrimination settlement, you can achieve justice, while also obtaining compensation for the emotional distress you and your family members have experienced. If you intend to file an anti-discrimination lawsuit, it is critical that you seek support from an aggressive lawyer with a thorough understanding of Florida’s housing regulations.

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