Miami Landlord-Tenant Defense Lawyer

Why People get Evicted

Most of the time, a landlord starts eviction proceedings against a tenant because of unpaid rent. He gives you notice that you have to leave by a certain day, and you may feel powerless to do anything to stop the process.  But the circumstances aren’t always that simple.

You may not be paying because of serious hardship, or because your home has serious defects and your landlord isn’t responding to requests for help.  Every situation is different. At The Law Offices of Lewis & Guerrero, P.A. we will assess your situation and see if there is a way to negotiate for what you need.

You have Rights

Your landlord seems to have all the power in the landlord-tenant relationship because he collects rent and threatens to take away your home if you don’t do everything he wants. He may be threatening you because of very technical terms of your lease. You have rights, and it’s very possible your landlord is using unfair tactics against you.

At the Miami Law Offices of Lewis & Guerrero, P.A. we can make sure your landlord is living up to his responsibilities. You are protected under Florida law, and we will stand up for you. Instead of being a victim, you may even be eligible to receive damages because of your landlord’s actions.

Find out what you can do

If your landlord isn’t living up to his obligations, you have steps you can take to make that happen. It’s important to act as soon as possible because this is your home and you deserve a safe, secure place to live. You don’t have to be alone in your fight. For aggressive, reliable representation on all your landlord-tenant problems, call The Law Offices of Lewis & Guerrero, P.A. today for a free consultation.